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at USC

Society of Women Engineers

SWE at USC fosters a community that empowers women to succeed as the engineers and leaders of the future.

What We Do

Our team works year round to create fun and engaging events for students, professionals, and our neighboring LA community. Check out some of our past events!


Fall & Spring Evening with Industry

USC SWE’s signature professional event of the semester is open to all female undergraduate and graduate students to network with representatives from a variety of companies catering to different engineering majors.

Engineering Kit Campaign

Every year USC SWE holds a fundraiser to donate STEM sets to young girls in the local LA area. These kits are aimed to get girls interested in engineering at a young age.



Our mentorship program pairs together students who have similar background, interests, and future goals in order to help our fellow engineers navigate the difficulties of finding a job and acing their classes with a friend from USC SWE.

What we do
Outstanding Donors

Thank you to the following donors with contributions of over $200 to the Introduce a Girl to Engineering fundraiser!


Himabindu Alla

Sandra and Tim Archer

Justin Miller

Grace Sampson

Joseph and Roseanne Sampson

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